Account Setup - Introduction

Before you start using CourierManager there are a series of steps that are needed. You don't have to do any of them right away - you can start playing around and get back to them at any time, but you should do them before actually starting to use the software in production.

Basic account setup - like the name says, the basic setup options. There is a much longer version of the settings page and you might like to read through it at some point just to get an idea of what's possible, but in the beginning the short version is enough.

Next step is to create a few accounts for couriers and other people in your company. For each employee the software will automatically create a user.

And of course to add some clients. But refrain for now to also set up prices, until later in this tutorial (you need to set up services and zones). You can also import things from excel - both clients and their prices.

Set up the main services - the software starts with two by default (regular and express), but many companies just have a "Standard" one. Also the extra services, that can be added as extras to a shipment.

Setting up delivery zones may be a bit of a challenge for some zoning types. Let us know if you run into problems, and we'll try to help.

And finally you can set up detailed pricing rules for your services.

Good luck!

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