Courier Software for
Small Businesses

Change your growth rhythm by optimizing your delivery management
Automated courier software empowers you to deliver more and get
new clients.

  • Easy Start

Our platform is cloud based and does not require any installation. You can start right now by creating and setting up your account and it will be ready to use in minutes. Onboarding is made simple with our online wizard, tutorials and support.

  • Affordable Prices

We provide complete software with premium set of features at affordable prices for courier companies of all sizes. Pricing scales up with your growth, our quotes are only dependent on the number of your shipments per month.

  • Free Support

From videos to text, we have all you need to get up to speed. Including a small document you can send to your clients to help them get up to speed with the new software.

Fully Featured, Intelligence Driven Courier Software

  • Easy Dispatch Management

    Intuitive dispatch for full control of your shipments. Our dashboard enables you to process orders with just a few clicks!

  • Automated Invoicing

    Automatically generated invoices for shipments, one by one or automatic, for a certain customer or a given period. Our Cash on Delivery dashboard keeps track of the cash carriers and clients owe you and enables you to do the financial settlements.

  • COD Management

    Easy track of all the cash on delivery payments your couriers and clients owe you. Track the cash flow from creation to settlement.

  • GPS Tracking and Modern POD

    Real time access to your drivers’ location on map. Drivers can capture photos of reception’s signature as proof of delivery.

  • Driver App

    Equip your drivers with the perfect tool that enables them to do all the needed operations fast: scanning, printing, navigating and much more.

  • Customer Portal

    Customers get access to the platform and can upload/import their orders. Tracking forms and notifications are also available.

Happy Clients

  • Best Courier
  • The working times have significantly improved […] Before implementing CourierManager software we used to finish work around 8- 9 pm, now it’s 6 pm and people left home 30 minutes ago.

  • Gabriel Filipoiu

    CEO at Best Courier

    Five Stars
  • City Express
  • The big problem solved: we have an answer for the question the costumer always has, which is: where is my parcel? Thanks to CM, we have never lost any parcel and we are in full control of our couriers. This system allows to eliminate additional workforce, for example CM can assign a courier with a specific client. So, you do not need a person to assign manually orders to a courier. No spam e-mails. In case you have a general message for your customers, you can write it in the front of page to whom it may concern. No annoing calls or messages about unpaid invoices: you can send a friendly reminder direct from the system.

  • City Express
  • Corneliu Martinov

    CEO at City Express

    5 stars rate
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    Mobile App

  • Check out our integrated mobile app, which enables couriers to manage, track and trace shipments and get instant data from field.

  • One Flat Price per Delivery

  • Small Business Free

    0.05 EUR per shipment

    First 1500 shipments per month free
    This subscription does not include support, please check our support page for tutorials and onboarding materials.

    For higher volumes or support, we warmly recommend our Enterprise Subscription.

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