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Eliminate the burden of costly delivery software development expenses with
Courier Manager.
Our customized software packages offer an economical solution to optimize your delivery
Our software is versatile and can accommodate all logistics processes, from delivering parcels
to food and pharmaceuticals, and is fully scalable.
Our user-friendly software is tailored to meet the needs of all users and can be customized to
suit your specific requirements.
We have solutions for all kinds of businesses, whether you're a small e-commerce business or a
large courier company.
Our software works globally and is completely customizable, ensuring that it meets your precise
Take a look at our features section or request a demo to discover how Courier Manager can enhance
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  • Chip
  • Continuous Improvement

We're committed to being on the leading edge of what technology can do for a courier company, and to help expand what is possible. We can do the research and innovation, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Track
  • Long Term Partnerships

We gain if you prosper. Our subscriptions are structured so that our incentives are perfectly aligned - anything which helps you long term, also helps us. We're not in a hurry - we build relationships to last a long time. Ask our clients.

  • Support
  • Business Oriented

Just offering a great tech solution is not enough. It's part of our job to try to understand what makes you tick, so we can work together on building the best possible courier company you can be.

Comprehensive & Flexible Courier Software

  • Integration
    Powerful Integrations

    We provide a powerful API for clients. We are constantly integrating with global, regional and local carriers.

  • Cash Management
    Cash Management

    Automatically generated invoices for shipments, one by one or automatic, for a certain customer or a given period. Our Cash on Delivery dashboard keeps track of the cash carriers and clients owe you and enables you to do the financial settlements.

  • Scalable Solutions
    Scalable Solutions

    CourierManager is a scalable and flexible solution, providing integrations and customizations according to your company’s needs. There is no limit for users or devices, so you have nothing to worry while expanding your business.

  • Customer Experience
    Customer Experience

    Delight your customers with our client portal, notifications to recipients, alerts, mobile app, track and trace.

  • Data Security
    Data Security

    We provide secure infrastructure and we also backup everything in several locations, including two different countries. We’re operating under EU law, which through GDPR makes sure you and your client’s data is safe and well cared for.

  • Global Coverage
    Global Coverage

    You can define time zones and currencies when you set up our account. We can customize printed forms. The software is already available in a few languages and we keep adding new ones.

Migrating to CourierManager
from another courier software?
We got you.

  • Efficient planning

    Let’s rally the troops and find the most efficient steps for switching from your old app to CourierManager.

  • Thorough implementation

    Solid implementation may take some time, but you can count on our support every step of the way.

  • Powerful integrations

    We build the links your business needs to get the best functionalities. Just tell us what you need.

  • Successful migration

    And here you are, equipped with a smart courier software and ready to deliver!

Switching apps can be a challenge, but our smart courier software is totally worth the effort.
You can trust our tech savvy team, who minimizes the hassle of configuring & implementing the software. Moreover, we provide training and support, all along the way, for our enterprise clients. We have good documentation and tutorials, which you can use for your own clients.

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