As globalization continues to drive economic change, the courier industry is at the forefront, enabling businesses and consumers to connect with ease, efficiency, and speed. In a testament to this trend, we're witnessing a new milestone in courier services in Central and Eastern Europe, led by none other than FAN Courier.

Founded in 1998, FAN Courier has become the leading courier service in Romania, exhibiting impressive growth over the years. Now, the company is taking a bold leap forward with the establishment of FAN International, a dedicated entity focused on cross-border deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe.

FAN International is currently operating in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, and Slovenia, with plans for imminent expansion into Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland. Their vision is a seamless network of international deliveries, achieved through partnerships with local courier services in each country.

However, a venture of this scale brings with it a host of challenges: integrating with various partner systems, managing linehaul and warehouse operations, and providing full trackability for each shipment. This is where CourierManager comes in.

As FAN International's chosen software provider, CourierManager is at the core of these operations. Our sophisticated yet user-friendly system is built to handle the complexities of international courier services. Through CourierManager, FAN International can manage all aspects of their business, from client integrations and the client portal to warehouse, linehaul, and partner integrations in each country.

We're not just a tool but a strategic partner, committed to helping FAN International realize their vision. Our involvement in this ambitious project underscores CourierManager's capabilities as a mature, scalable, and professional solution that can meet the needs of large companies operating in diverse markets.

The future of courier services is here, and it's cross-border, interconnected, and fully trackable. FAN International and CourierManager are at the helm of this transformation, creating new possibilities for businesses and consumers alike.

Are you a courier company looking to scale and optimize your operations? We invite you to discover the benefits of partnering with CourierManager. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your growth and success.