SMS Messaging


SMS Messaging can be used for both delivery notification to the recipient, and for various notifications to any party interested.

For SMS messaging you can use our provider (at a cost of 5 cents per SMS in Romania, and the list prices of Twilio for the rest of the world: or you can sign an individual contract with another SMS provider that we can integrate with. In Romania we are already integrated with and

Activating delivery notifications is done for each client, by selecting “receive delivery SMS”. You can also set a shorter name that will appear in the message, usually a brand or website name (for example: “Your package from X will arrive today,” where X will be the name that you introduce in the field. If you don’t fill that field it will use the client’s name, which might be longer.

Sending delivery notifications to recipients can be done in 2 ways:

Direct - using the action Send SMS in the expedition’s list

Automatic - when adding packages on the rollcart. The automatic delivery is only done if the following conditions are respected:

  • If the package is already in “active” status (so it would not send an SMS when the package only needs to be lifted by the courier)
  • It respects the hours defined in Settings page for SMS delivery - so it would not send the SMS if you create your routes for next day in the evening
  • It respects the maximum number of SMS per expedition defined in the Settings page (in the situation of trying to deliver a package several times you can set a limit for messages)

SMS messages can also be used along with emails for notifications on any status change, or other events, from the Notifications menu.


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