Shopify Admin Interface

Here is a short presentation of the admin for the Shopify plugin.
This is the dashboard (Main), which allows you to see new shipments and newly added stores. 
The Stores tab allows you to see your stores. Each admin can only see their own stores  - we identify them by API URL). 
By clicking on the EYE icon, you can see more details regarding the store settings, to confirm if it was set up correctly. 
This is the page for store details. By clicking on the pencil icon you can edit the "Send all orders" option, which will generate shipments for all the the orders in the online shop. 
This is the Logs tab. Here you can find errors related to a certain shop (e.g. when we cannot receive the orders from Shopify, when our API has errors, etc). This helps the client offer assistance to their own clients. 
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