November Updates

 Courier Mobile App    

When a courier in active state scans a shipment that does not belong to him, the system will warn him and ask for confirmation. If he confirms, the rollcart will be regenerated. If he does not, and he was scanning with bulk operations, none of the shipments will be processed (see courier states below).

You can create an announcement for couriers which includes links (from the announcements page in Settings). When doing so, the mobile app will open a browser window with that link, after login.

You can set a location inside the warehouse for shipments, and can then see it in the shipment page, export, and also mobile app if you're a warehouse worker. You can set it from Bulk Operations, and it can be read from a barcode. You cannot currently print barcodes with locations from the software, but it is easy to do it online.

Setting "discard credentials after logout" - if used, username and password won't stay saved after logout.

In "Get shipments" it will display the destination routing zone for scanned shipments. Useful for sorting.

Couriers can create a batch shipment with the shipments scanned in Bulk Operations. This is useful for things like sealed containers, cages or envelope bags. You can also use a seal with a preprinted barcode, and assign that barcode to the newly created batch shipment.

Daily report has been redesigned.

In the shipment page you can see return shipments, with a link to their page.

We have added "PR3" print type in the printing settings, used for Intermec PR3 printers.

A courier can assign his pickups to another courier with a button in the Stop page. He needs the right: "assign pickup to another courier".

Extra permissions for reweights, to set a new weight that is smaller than the initial weight (decrease_weight).

States in Courier Mobile App

New "state" system for the courier mobile app. Couriers are now in three states during their work day:

- loading, where they can take shipments

- active, where they can deliver shipments

- closing, where they take various steps to end their day.

There are various setup configurations possible, for example you can prevent couriers from closing their day if they still have shipments allocated to them, or still have settlements to do. Settings on what to force the courier to do: "close day with active expeditions", "close day with unsettled expeditions", "require km no", "require km picture"

Courier map has updated colors to show the state of each courier. You can also see the current courier state in the Employees and Users menu.

Settings "auto block working days" and "auto block hours": If the working day isn't yet closed after a number of hours since starting the day, the courier will be warned and app functionality will be limited. The purpose is to force him to properly close the day.

Settings "require km no" and "require km picture" will ask the courier to type the km count for his car and take a picture, both when finishing loading and on closing the day.

If you do not wish to use the new system, you can check "Active state only" in the employee page. The active state behaves like the old version of the software.

Cash Payments to Couriers, directly from the Mobile App

Couriers can generate an invoice for multiple shipments from the Bulk Operations page. The following needs to happen:

- the permission "bulk_invoice" for the courier

- all shipments need to be for the same client

- none can be already invoiced

- statuses ca be "active" or "delivered".

If all is so, an invoice is created and the courier is given the option to have it paid in cash.

Couriers can receive cash payment for outstanding invoices. To set this up:

- in Settings, Billing, a dummy client needs to be allocated to be used in courier settlements. Amounts collected this way will appear as Cash on Delivery for this client.

- Also in Settings, "billing income series" defines the series used for receipts

- couriers need the right "collect_invoice"

- clients need checked "Courier can collect invoices" in the client page

- also in the client page, "Maximum amount collected" sets a maximum amount to be paid this way

In the mobile app the courier can look up an invoice by number. If found, courier can mark it as paid, create an invoice and print it.


We have added the possibility to mix several ways of defining zones: you can limit by both a list of locations and one of the other ways of defining a zone (drawn on map, loco or sender-recipient distance). This is useful for example to limit Loco prices to just certain cities, or to make sure drawn zones always use a certain city even if the address is incorrect or misspelled.

Currently you can define zones in the following ways:

- list of locations (country/county/city/zip code)

- drawing on map

- certain distance between sender and recipient (either straight or by road)

- loco (same county, same city or same hub)

To use a list of locations you now have to specifically check the corresponding checkbox when creating/editing a zone.

Improved usability in zone definition. Shows zone definition method in list and view, and warns of possible mistakes.

For each zone you can now set a message to be displayed to the client when creating a shipment that originates or will arrive in that zone.

For routing zones you can set a pickup courier that will be automatically allocated for shipments from that zone. "auto set courier" in Settings needs to be set for this.

If an employee has the "view" permission for zones and not "view all hubs", he can see only the zone and subzones of that hub.

Rest of the app

You can add stamp and/or signature on printed invoices in receipts, by uploading a picture in the "My companies" menu.

New fields added in the shipment export, including extra services, return shipments and courier/client settlement

New fields when importing shipments, for both sender and recipient.

New filters: recipient county, better filters for department/added by user.

When importing employees you can add the "add_api_key" and "api_key" columns to also add api keys on import.

API to change a shipment's code: change_code

Api Keys menu, where you can search, block and unblock api keys.

New columns in the shipment list: days since pickup and days since entering the destination hub. Both can be filtered. Both take only working days into account (as defined in the non-working days page in Settings). You can also easily filter by hub now, in the header of the hub columns.

Completely redesigned page for tracking shipments.

You can customize the text that appears in the login page, from Settings/Whitelabel.

Franchisor(subcontractor) commissions moved to their own menu. Added several new ways of commissioning, and in particular exceptions can be now used for this as well.

Exceptions have been improved. The preferred exception trigger is now "delivered", with filters used to specify the desired exception. We are warmly recommending the use of exceptions (see Exceptions menu, Exception types to define them).

Improved volumetric management. Package size can be specified when adding the shipment and in the API. Using the volumetric constant as defined in the settings (by default 6000) the software will compute estimated volume or weight from one another, as needed. This information is now displayed in the shipment list when clicking "Show statistics'', and also in the rollcart.

New fields in the Cars menu: volume and weight capacity. Also shown on the rollcart if the courier has a car allocated.

Customs support. Enabling "show customs fields" in the Settings will add customs related fields to the “create shipment” page, and a "Customs manifesto" export in the shipments page.

Runs now have arrival time. It can be set manually (by pressing "arrived" in the run page) or it will be set automatically when the first shipment in the run is changing hub.

Codes set to a batch will apply to shipments in that batch as well. Also to batches in that batch, recursively.

Russian language added to the mobile app.

Shopify plugin is now active and out of beta.

Settlement transfers can now be exported.     


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