Disabling battery saver for the CourierManager app


In order to have all the map movements for a certain courier visible, the CourierManager mobile app has to run constantly on their phone. Most phones have different settings that force unused apps into hibernation or even turns them off. And then their movements map ends up looking similar to this one:

There are certain steps that need to be made in the phone's Settings in order to avoid this. 

Depending on the phone model and Android version, the CourierManager app needs to be removed from a "optimise battery usage list", or needs the  battery restrictions removed from it. 

On most phones, go to Settings>Apps>CourierManager, and there you may have different options regarding the battery. For example, on Sony Xperia or on Samsung phones, from there on go to Battery>check the Unrestricted box

There could be other settings that need changing, such as making sure the app is not on the optimise battery usage list, or that the Battery power saving is off (usually found in the Battery and device care menu). 

Once this is done, the movement map will change to something similar to this:

If you want to learn more about how the courier app works, you can check the app manual here. 



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