April-June Updates

 All new Inventory menu that can be used to track stocks in multiple warehouses. Can be used for client’s stocks, such as e-fulfillment scenarios, or to manage internal supplies.

 Customers can now order supplies (such as boxes, envelopes etc) directly in the software. Check out the Supplies section in Settings. 

Improved Templates menu, including the option to create custom templates to be used in Notifications section. Subjects can now be customized as well. A few extra notifications are also available for sending.

PUDO-based interface for adding shipments. In the Addresses menu you can now add addresses that are seen by all clients, and you can optionally split them in pickup/ delivery points. You can also enable a simpler, map-based interface for adding shipments- which allows directly clicking on these points on a map.

Working days are now applied to computing due days for invoices.

Mobile app’s Bulk Operations now uses continuous scan when scanning with a phone's camera, dramatically improving scanning speed and making phones competitive with more expensive Android scanners.

Automatic locking/ unlocking of clients. Can be called manually from the Clients page, or can be set to run once a day. Individual clients can be excepted from this. 

Better handling of returns for shipments paid in cache, depending on the “Cash only” checkbox from the client’s page. For cash only clients, payment is moved to the return shipment. For the rest, both the original and the return shipments are switched to regular (monthly) invoicing. 

Can define multiple “default registration clients”, to be used depending on where the client was added: manually from the web app, registered using the registration link, registered using the mobile app.

Separate sender email address for sending invoices and the rest.

New settings to control EasyMode for new users: Default easy mode.

Fixed misc confirmation code issues, for client registration.

In the Integrations page (Settings menu) you can now find the link for the courier mobile app.

New column in the Shipments list: destination zone. 

Courier daily reports can now be generated from the web app as well.

You can set a logout redirect address, for example if you want clients to be redirected to your website after logout.

You can manually set an alternate number for any shipment, from both the web and mobile app. It can be used together with batch shipments to quickly add a cage/box/seal code to the batch shipment.

You can print a report with shipments contained in a batch shipment.

Proof of Delivery report printable for delivered shipments. Includes recipient data and signature, if taken with the mobile app.

Extra permission to allow a courier to allocate shipments to himself from the web app, even if he doesn’t have the generic “change courier” permission.

Product tours can be disabled from settings.

New client fields: start/stop contract date.  


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